Dubai is a truly global city – perfect for Safari Kid’s internationally minded curriculum. We’ve been teaching in the city for years. Our first nursery, near Sheikh Zayed Road, is just minutes from the business district, nestled in a villa community that’ll welcome your child into the marvellous Dubai lifestyle. Our second nursery will open in Meydan in a purpose-built premise in District One of Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City.

Our learning model is enriched by the level of commitment and flexibility we give to each pupil. This is their opportunity to explore, grow and learn with their playmates, whether they’re several months old or emerging from their toddler years. Our team will introduce them to numbers, shapes, colours, and even subjects like robotics and public speaking, in small, attentive groups. Dubai is a place that asks us to realise our innermost dreams and stay young at heart. In a way, we’re doing the same for your little one – visit our Safari Kid nursery centres to find out how!

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