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Our belief is simple but requires commitment. We’re looking for those who share our vision of what early childhood learning can be: that is, a composite of work, play, and original thinking, backed by an East-meets-West teaching ethos. The success of our first ever preschool proved that parents were ready for this innovative concept. We’ve since expanded to four countries – India, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom – to care for thousands of children in the best learning environments they could ask for. Our CEO Aniruddh has brought the innovative model to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Join us for a career that’s progressive in every sense of the word…

Our values

There’s a sweet spot between having fun and gaining knowledge; one can support the other. Our vision for your career is similarly united, because: We listen to our teams, pupils and parents. Collaboration can only work if everyone respects each other. That’s also how we build empathy in Safari Kid: by getting to know what people care about.    We learn what we can at any stage of our professional development. If we don’t, then children won’t take the same example. Our educators and hub operators challenge themselves to keep learning about the world and our place in it. As a result, we have few boundaries in the classroom!

We lead the preschool education sector with our way of thinking. But also, we encourage you to take the lead in your own life – to be confident, articulate and happy in how you like to work, pursuing a personal form of value.

Work in our preschools

Be somewhere bold, new and exciting… Safari Kid offers a teaching career like no other, energised by our playful, child-led learning programs. You’ll be creating something that’s not just ‘effective’, but also retains all the beauty of our earliest years through language, song, dance, physical games and science experiments. Look after very small children in our day care spaces or step up to Turbo Toddlers, Accelerated Learning, and the rest of our curriculum – it’s all about where you find that magic pairing! 

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Work in our hubs

Behind the scenes of a great early childhood education there’s a whole lot of stuff to accomplish. Our hubs make those tough decisions seem as light as air, linking various departments into the unique demands of a Safari Kid kindergarten centre. It’s a web of wisdom, skills and experience. From marketing to accounting, there’s always room to make our network even more awesome than it is right now.

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Positions open

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Learning & development

In the same way that we support and promote lifelong learning for our members and families, being part of the Safari Kid family means that your learning won’t stop either. We aim to make learning and development part of your daily working life, we foster a feedback culture of honesty and transparency and support your continued professional development. A lot of the training you receive will be on the job through coaching and mentoring with your colleagues, we also like to support continued professional development through qualifications and encourage you to discuss these options with us.

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