Working at the heart of delivering a strong vision can be challenging, but if you’re a flexible, creative thinker, then it could well  be for you…

Safari Kid’s hubs are where the magic is brewed for all our learning centres around the globe. We stir passion together with an array of expertise so that our school teams are able to carry out their brilliant work and our children can grasp life with both hands.

By joining us, you’ll be setting our school teams up for success from behind the scenes. Whether you’re into marketing, psychology, business development or handling accounts, there’s a place for you here.

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Learning and development

Sure, we promote lifelong learning for kids and their families – and we do the same for you too. We make learning and development part of your every day, sculpting your skill set into something even finer as time marches by. To do this, we’ll train you on the job through coaching and be mentoring, but also encourage professional development on the sidelines. Discuss your aspiration and dreams with us, we’ll do whatever we can to help – Safari Kid will always fully support you.

Career progression

We’re ambitious, and we’re growing. There’s no limit to what’s possible at Safari Kid. We’re also fair – that’s why we advertise positions internally because we want to be sure that the best person is promoted and recognised for what they do. Unlock your potential and you can draw your professional horizons as wide as you like…

Group of office workers having a brainstorm meeting in the office

Let’s talk benefits

Starting salaries vary, of course, depending on the role and the experience you’re bringing to it. Each vacancy details this in the description. But here’s a flavour of what extra benefits we offer from hub to hub:

Annual “How are we doing” conversation

This chat reflects on the things you’ve done, where improvements could be made, and the successes we love to celebrate! We’re open to comments too, which means you can also suggest how we can get better.

Pay reviews

To recognise and reward your talent.

Free or discounted child care

At a Safari Kid school, because we want your child’s education to be on the same tracks as the others that we care for. Full-timers get 100% complimentary preschooling, whilst part-time workers benefit from a discount.

Time off for your birthday

When it’s your birthday, take an extra day off that month, even if it isn’t the precise time you’re blowing out the candles!

Bumper maternity & paternity leave

As further assistance with your family life, Safari Kid provides a bumper maternity and paternity leave package.

Some benefits are country-specific, so find out more by getting in touch.

What comes next?

You’re almost there! Follow these steps to join our team:

  1. Answer the questions on our form, upload your CV, we’ll be in touch within two weeks.
  2. The first stage is a phone interview, we’ll chat for 10-15 minutes at a time that’s convenient for you. We’ll discuss career aims, your skills, the demands of the role, and any queries you may have.
  3. A career with us means syncing with the rest of our global team. We’ll invite you along to meet them, in person, across many areas of the business.
  4. Finally, we will arrange a school visit – this is a chance to speak to the individuals you’ll be supporting!