How do you know what the “best” school is? Do you rely on word-of-mouth reviews or standardized test scores? It can be difficult to judge, but following these guidelines will put you in the best position to decide.

Know your child

What type of learner are they? Would they flourish in a more traditional school environment or are they progressive learners who prefer to find solutions via alternative methods? Talk to your child’s teachers at our nurseries; they will be able to offer some insight into their learning style and temperament.

Don’t fret over standardized test scores

These scores indicate the students’ overall performance, but they are not the ultimate way to rank a school. Some schools may teach children to prep for tests, while others may choose not to coach children on testing. Standardized test scores do not take into account arts programs or other important factors. Try to look beyond the test scores and see the bigger picture.

Take a tour

Visit a school and see their facilities. A lot more can be learned on site than from any review you could ever read. Take a look at how the students interact with the teachers and vice versa. Look for the values you want to see in a school.

Meet the teachers

A face-to-face meeting with teachers is a great opportunity to learn a bit more about the school’s methods and philosophy.

Ask a local

Sometimes the best reviews will come from other families. Ask the school if they could connect you with a few families for their experiences.

Consider the little things

There are plenty of small details worth considering too. Cost and distance are important, as is learning support for children who need it and after school activities. If you have more than one child, make sure you find out if they offer a sibling discount too.


By Fruzsina Benyei Anirudhan