It is always a special and exciting time when you welcome a new addition to the family. For a while, it may seem like there is nothing in the world except you and your loved ones.

However, time waits for no one, and sooner or later, it is likely you will have to return to work. While it is natural to look forward to getting back to your career and regular routine, it is also common to have some feelings of anxiety as well. Parents often feel guilty about leaving their child at the end of their parental leave.

That’s why we’ve prepared a list of tips that might help ease any potential stress during the transitional period.

1. Ease into it

Accept that reconnecting your brain to the work world will be a little tiring for the first few days. Don’t expect to immediately return and perform at the same level you were at when you left. Try not to get frustrated – you will get back on track very soon.

2. Keep everyone in the loop

If you employ a childminder or caretaker, take the time to explain to them your baby’s routine, and give them a few days to get to grips with it before you go to work. That way, you can address any problems as quickly as possible, meaning you won’t spend your time at work worrying about things back home.

3. Get organised

Being a working parent means you are taking on two jobs. You have to plan your schedule well, so you can spend your time wisely. But don’t just think about the big things when planning your week, remember the little things too, like when to order the groceries so that the nappies are delivered on time.

4. Make sure you have support from your work

Getting support from your boss is crucial.

You may have a child that gets sick quite easily or requires special attention. If this is the case, you may not want to leave them for too long. Discuss any available options with your boss as soon as possible. They may be able to offer you flexible working hours, work from home privileges or other support systems that will help you and your family.

5. Be present

This is the most important thing of all. Whether you are at work or with your baby, it is vital you are 100% in the room and focusing on what you are doing. Attempting to juggle between the two simultaneously will only leave you more stressful and anxious.

Balancing a career alongside parenthood can be a challenge, but hopefully these tips will make your return to work a little easier.

By Queenie Wong