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Cultural quirks are at the very centre of Bangalore, India’s foremost city for art, parks and architecture.

Taking this lead, Safari Kid Bangalore has four international nurseries to bring your child into the possibilities that are (literally) at play here! Everyone’s welcome; your daughter or son has a spot in our curriculum, cared for in small, close-knit groups five days a week, or for just a morning or afternoon to fit around your routine.

We’re a preschool group that gives kids the imaginative room they’ve been waiting for. Bangalore knows the power of letting people ‘do their thing’ – we don’t limit what a child loves to do either, or how they respond to their environment.

From cycling and painting to the fundamentals of science, there’s something for every learner to enjoy. The kindergarten Kalyan Nagar is in the north-east of the city, whilst our preschool Whitefield is slightly deeper into the suburbs, and  Safari Kid HSR is located in a very central part of Bangalore. Safari Kid is proud to open its fourth Center at Sadashiva Nagar in the North of the city.

They’re equally amazing, so ask us any questions to learn more. Visit our nurseries to find out more!

Visit our Safari Kid Bangalore centres:
Whitefield Preschool & Day Care 
Kalyan Nagar Preschool & Day Care
HSR Preschool & Day Care
Sadashiva Nagar Preschool & Day Care

Upcoming Events:
Safari Kid – Friendship Day Celebration (Sat, 27 July)


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