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Safari Kid Whitefield Preschool & Day Care

Trust us: there are few other international kindergartens like this in the world!

Set in the spacious grounds of the Sommer House opposite Forum Value Mall, Safari Kid’s Whitefield international nursery & child care in Bangalore is a whopping 25,000 sq ft, encompassing everything that makes being young – and carefree – such a golden period in life… 

We have a cycling track to develop motor skills. A treehouse for games between lessons. The cool breeze of a butterfly garden, fanned by tiny wings, and a football pitch for after-school sessions.

On top of that, we nurture the skills that’ll carry your child’s academic performance to new heights, tackling maths, several languages, science, and even public speaking to ground their self-belief.

There’s a large indoor play area for hot or wet weather, and the best learning spaces of any preschool, anywhere!

Speak to our teachers today, so we can get to know your family.

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Centre size

25,000 sq ft

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Age range

15 months to 6 years

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Languages taught

English, Spanish, Hindi

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Max class size


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Max no of students


School bus


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Outdoor space

Huge garden

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Founded in


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After school activities


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Nationalities of students


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What our parents say

Our team

Ms Vinitha


Hi all! I’m Ms Vinitha – the Principal of the Whitefield Safari Kid centre. I have over 15 years of experience in the field of child development and education, learning and exploring different cultures across India whilst educating children from varied backgrounds. I work in family welfare and child health projects regularly, and by adopting new teaching practices, I know what it takes to impart confidence and independence. As a teacher, I motivate my students to excel in their chosen field, and in my spare time, I like to try out new culinary recipes.

Ms Hani Sheikh

Parent Relationship Manager

Hey everyone, I’ve completed my Masters in Business Administration, whilst my passion to nurture and channel children’s dreams brought me to teaching in the first place. I have seven years of experience, with interests in reading inspirational books, listening to music and exploring nature wherever I can.

Ms Apoorva

Admin Executive

Hi there, I’m Apoorva, For several years I pursued my Bachelors in Engineering. A knowledge of computers is good, but it isn’t too dry - helping kids was my ultimate prerogative, and let me tell you, that’s something you can’t programme like a mainframe! Prior to joining Safari Kid as an Admin Executive, I worked as an HR Recruiter at Ekhard services.

Ms Shivani

Turbo Toddlers Core Teacher

Hello, reader. My name is Shivani. My qualifications take in a Bachelor's degree in Physics & Maths and Master's degree in Business Administration. Aside from those, I obtained my Nursery Teacher's Training Certification, and have six years of tutelage experience.

Ms Alpana

Turbo Toddlers Teacher

Hi there, Alpana, that’s me - I’ve completed my Masters in Technology. teaching is a wonderful thing to be a part of, but I also enjoy travelling and exploring the world.

Ms Mahima

L1 (A) Core Teacher

Welcome to Safari Kid, My qualifications include a Masters degree in Commerce. Don’t let that fool you, though; I have a life beyond numbers and teaching too! In fact, I’m a trained dancer in mohiniyattam and kathak, owning a second Bachelor’s degree in the former.

Ms Deeksha

L1 (B) Core Teacher

Nice to meet you! I joined Safari Kid with a Masters degree in Commerce and a Nursery Teacher Training certification. Children are my world; I’ve spent close to five years with them in a preschool environment.

Ms Chetna

L2 (A) Core Teacher

Hi parents and teachers, Initially, I spent half a decade at a prestigious school in Delhi. My Bachelors in Education and a Masters in Business Administration were completed well before that - teaching has been in blood from a young age. To my delight, I was honoured with the Best Teacher award at Chairperson honours 2017 during my stint at a previous school.

Ms Sutanuka

L2 (A) Assistant Teacher

Hey, I’m Sutanuka, I hold a Master degree in Political Science. My experience runs to five years as a teacher in the Primary section of a reputed (and well-loved) Indian school.

Ms Gauri

L2 (B) Core Teacher

Hello everybody! Gauri’s my name: I have dual Masters degrees in Commerce and Business Administration, along with 15 years spent in corporations, hospitals and schools at different management/teaching positions. I’m also a Montessori and Waldorf-trained teacher who’s able to cope with disabilities and developmental challenges. Working around the many regions of India has imparted a rich, multi-cultural perspective.

Ms Vandana

L3 Core Teacher

Greetings, dear teacher or parent, My name is Vandana, and I have more than 15 years in the corporate and education sectors, six years of which were spent on early learning. At the same time, I began to volunteer for children with multiple disabilities: under my care, they can learn life and vocational skills.

Ms Manasi

L3 Assistant Teacher

Hey, I’ve rounded off my Masters degree in Dance and Commerce. My educational background is quite diverse, so that’s a fine example to set when teaching kids what they can be, untethered from the classroom!

Ms Sindu

L4 Core Teacher

Hi, I’m Sindu, Commerce, media and journalism make up my professional history. I’ve worked in various industries (banking. consulting and cosmetics, to name a few); my last project was in the Ernst & Young team. What do I bring to Safari Kid? My corporate experience, to be honest, along with a love of teaching.

Ms Padma

Art Teacher

Hello everyone, My career as an art teacher is satisfying and challenging. It never lets me stop thinking - not for a second. I love my job and I do want my creations to look like they could have lived or grown somewhere, like a natural aspect of the world. Working for Safari Kid, as an art teacher, could hardly be better for imparting creative knowledge.

Ms Reena

Nurse Cum Teacher

Hey, my name’s Reena, I’m a qualified nurse with a diploma in Nursing and a Masters in Hospital Administration.

Ms Rajeshwari

Day Care Teacher

Pleased to meet you, Rajeshwari’s my name; I’ve done my Bachelors in Commerce and have spent the last decade honing my abilities in preschool and day care.

Ms Asha

Day Care Teacher

Hi there, what’s up? Doing a post-grad course in English was so much fun! Now, though, I get the pleasure of managing children in residential schools in the Nilgiris. It’s a different story to sink my teeth into...



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