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Safari Kid Sheikh Zayed Road Nursery

Our flagship international preschool in Dubai is located in 15,000 square feet of customized villa premises behind the Four Points Sheraton on Sheikh Zayed Road. It is in close proximity to Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, DIFC, Jumeirah and City Walk. 5 minutes away from the urban hub of Dubai, our specially designed nursery offers children the ability to fully express themselves in both an indoor and outdoor environment.

The kindergarten facilities include a huge outdoor play area, a swimming pool, an art studio, sandpit, and hand-selected play equipment. There is a large indoor play area for physical and motor skills development when it’s too hot to play outside.

Safari Kid Sheikh Zayed Road also features a purpose-built Creative Lab, where children explore dance, drama, music and free role play.

The learning environment encompasses reading corners in every classroom, specific areas for role play, sensory development, and skills development, creative spaces and science, and tech corners. Our spacious classrooms are fully equipped with the range of state of the art toys and play equipment that facilitate the development and education of our young charges.

Our child care facilities for our youngest children (4 months to 18 months) elevate care-giving to the next level with a purpose-built Baby Room and play areas where specific developmental toys and resources are employed for enhanced development at this tender young age.

Safari Kid international nursery Sheikh Zayed Road partners the parents in the developmental journey of your child. Our centre includes a parents’ lounge for informal interactions between parents and the school, to get to know the other parents, or just to relax while your children attend their classes.

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Centre size

15,000 sq ft

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Age range

4 months to 5 years

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Languages taught

English, Arabic, French, Mandarin

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Max class size

Early Explorers = 9, Turbo Toddlers = 25, L1 = 23, L1B = 22, L1BB = 16, L2 = 18

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Max no of students


School bus


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Outdoor space


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Founded in


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After school activities


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Nationalities of students


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What our parents say

Our team

Ms Fruzsina Benyei-Anirudhan


Hello! I am the Principal of our very first centre in Dubai, UAE. Over the last thirteen years, I have worked as an educator, curriculum developer, head teacher, and Principal in various educational settings from preschools to adult education, though my true passion lies in early childhood. I believe every child is unique with their own special talent and that the role of us educators is to ignite and nurture the spark present in them so they can fulfil their potential.

Ms Zaina Altayyan

Regional Parent Relations Specialist

Hi there! I'm the Regional Parent Relations Specialist in Safari Kid nursery. I have been part of the Safari kid team since it launched in Dubai in 2015. I have more than 11 years of experience which includes 4 years in communication and administration as a traffic manager in a French multinational telecommunications corporation in Jordan. I'm originally from Lebanon, lived and raised in Jordan. I have a Bachelors of business administration from the University of Jordan. I was an administrative officer for GEMS Education in Dubai before joining Safari Kid.

Ms Romana Hassan

Senior Teacher - Level 2

Hi everybody. I’ve been in Dubai for almost 22 years now. In this time, I’ve gained a deep-rooted understanding of Dubai’s cultural diversity and seen first-hand how it thrives on the challenges such a multicultural environment provides. I’m dedicated to helping children succeed in this city, and combine creativity and my IT skills to help them do so!

Ms Natasha Pearson

Senior Teacher - Level 1 A

Hey, My name is Tash, and I’m a senior teacher here at Safari Kid Dubai. I come from a hospitality background, but I’ve been teaching children for a few years and I’ve not looked back! There’s something so fulfilling about help kids unlock their potential and hidden talents. I believe the only way of doing this is to ensure that they’re given the opportunity to learn through real and meaningful hands-on experiences that are relevant to their interests and needs. For me, Safari Kid is the only education provider that does this, and it’s refreshing to work with them.

Ms Analyn M. Uy

Junior Teacher - Turbo Toddlers

Hi there, Time flies when you’re having fun… I’ve been working in Early Childhood education for close to 10 years now, ever since I moved to Dubai. I love being around children and seeing them grow and develop. Safari Kid has a great sense of family; everyone works towards a common goal to teach children, provide an inspiring learning environment, instill a love and hunger for lifelong learning, and nurture children to become successful learners and creative thinkers. I try to take these same lessons home to my own beautiful children, Khelly Joshua and Des Embre!

Ms Daisy Arhami

Junior Teacher - Level 1 A

Hello everyone, I always knew I wanted to work with children, so majored in Early Childhood Education back in the Philippines in 1999. Since moving to Dubai in 2002, I’ve worked in various settings and gained lots of experience working with children who have additional needs. I always strive to find children’s unique talents, as they feel tremendous pride and a sense of accomplishment when completing tasks independently! It’s great to play a role in boosting their self-confidence as a Junior Teacher here at Safari Kid.

Ms Kinga Timea Szeri

Junior Teacher - Level 1 B

Hola! Whilst studying in Hungary, I had the opportunity to volunteer at various schools. I enjoyed it so much that when I moved to London in 2012, I began working in nurseries and day care centres with children with varying degrees of additional and special needs. The focus was always on the personal need of each child – helping them to develop and improve targeted areas such as attention, memory, or behaviour. As a multilingual speaker – I am fluent in English, German, Romanian, Hungarian, and Spanish – I loved the global ethos of Safari Kid!

Ms Lucia Meddahi

Senior Teacher - Early Explorers

Hello there, I’m Lucia. I’m originally from Kabylie in Algeria, where I studied Translation and Interpretation in Arabic, French and German. I bring my passion for foreign languages into my Early Explorer classes, helping babies and infants grow their social skills and interact with each other, with a couple of language lessons thrown in for good measure too! I’ve taught children both Arabic and French for a number of years now, first at a centre in Algiers and then here at Safari Kid Dubai before becoming a teacher in our play group.

Ms Li Wang

Mandarin Teacher

Hello! I’m passionate about providing meaningful learning experiences to children: instilling a love of learning is my main goal as a teacher. I’m also a keen traveller, having worked for eight years as a bilingual kindergarten teacher in China and teaching Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language in the USA before moving to Dubai.

Ms Sadia Ammarene

Arabic Teacher

Bonjour! I love languages, and speak Arabic, French, Berber and English fluently. My passion is being part not only of a child’s linguistic development, but also their all-round growth. In my eyes, this is our duty as educators!

Ms Dona J. Ganotisi


Hi! My career started in nursing back in the Philippines, although I’ve been working in teaching since moving to Dubai around five years ago. As someone who is always willing and eager to learn new things in life, my passion is to care for, love, teach, and look after the growth, development, welfare and safety of children. After all, they are our most precious gifts!

Ms Joan Solomon Lorbis

Teaching Assistant - Early Explorers

Hello there! I’ve always loved being around children. They fascinate me with they way they grasp new subjects. That’s what led me to start working as a teaching assistant when I moved to the UAE, and further develop my training in Early Childhood Education and childcare. Having moved to Dubai and joined Safari Kid, I embrace the opportunity to inspire independence in children through art and craft, sensory and messy play activities, and singing and dancing. At the same time, I try to bring a calm and balanced aura to the classroom!

Ms Geraldine Rosarda

Teaching Assistant - Early Explorers

Hi, My passion for working with children started when I became a school nurse in the Philippines. Here, I came to enjoy every aspect of interacting with children and watching them grow. I believe education is not just preparation for life; education is life itself. That’s what inspired me to join Safari Kid a few years after moving to Dubai.

Ms Levie U. Ganub

Teaching Assistant - Turbo Toddlers

Hello! I’ve always been in education: as a licensed teacher I have a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and I’ve been a member of the Philippine Teachers’ Association since 1998. I’m experienced in working with children from the age of two months to four years and over, and believe that children learn and develop best when lessons are tailored to the needs of each child. By I’m a huge advocate of setting up a carefully planned learning environment that enables and encourages meaningful learning.

Ms Angeli Tano

Teaching Assistant - Turbo Toddlers

Greetings. I’m from Lemery Batangas in the Philippines and have been working with young children since I came to Dubai in 2009. My background is very diverse; I have a bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management and have also trained in Musical Performance Voice. I believe by allowing young children to be adventurous and creative when learning, and letting them develop in their own space, they become risk takers who constantly challenge themselves to achieve goals. Safari Kid does this, all within the security of a safe, nurturing, and supportive environment.

Ms Merissa L. Raipan

Teaching Assistant - Turbo Toddlers

Hi there, I was born in the Philippines and come from a large family – being the eighth child of nine siblings! Having moved to Dubai in 2012, I started working with children as a teaching assistant. I instantly fell in love with it. It’s extremely rewarding and fulfilling to work with children because I learn from them every single day. Their innocence and pure hearts are treasures to cherish and nurture! Engaging them in meaningful activities that are based on concrete and relevant experiences fills me with boundless joy.

Azah Rahman

Senior Teacher - Turbo Toddlers

Hello there, I have been a part of the Safari kid team since it launched. I have 12 years of experience which includes 6 years in a principalship position. I am a Singaporean of Indian, Javanese and Arab descent. This has encouraged me to have a deep interest in diversity and learning more about the different cultures. I have a MEd specializing in early childhood from the prestigious NTU Singapore. I have a BSc (ECH) from Wheelock College in Boston. My passion is working with children and families to reach each child’s maximum potential.

Ms Daphne Dagsi

Junior Teacher - Turbo Toddlers

Nice to meet you, My name is Daphne Dagsi, I am 25 yrs, Egyptian/Filipino blood. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education, Major in General Education and a licensed teacher in the Philippines. I have been with children of varied age groups for the past 5 years. I grew up surrounded by people who value education very much which has led me to become an educator myself. I believe that there’s always something special in a child that needs to be brought out and nurtured for full potential.

Roxanne Canon

Receptionist and Administration Assistant

Hi there, My name is Roxanne Mae Canon and I am the Receptionist and Admin Assistant at Safari Kid Nursery. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and a licensed nurse from the Philippines. My career here in Dubai is very different from what I have experienced back home. However, my passion to work doesn't bother me even if it's a completely different field as I am giving my best for the team and to contribute to the company's growth.

Ms Raizel Dorado

Teacher Assistant - Level 1B

Greetings, I have a bachelor degree in elementary education. I'm a member of the teachers association since 2012. I have more than 5 yrs of experience. I believe each child is unique and capable to progress and succeed!

Ms Melanija Ivos

Senior Teacher - Level 1B

Hello! I have been in Dubai for almost 20 years now but originally I am from Serbia. I studied Serbian Language and Literature at the University of Philosophy and I am a holder of Master Degree in Education. I am a senior teacher in Safari Kid Dubai. I have 11 years of teaching experience in Dubai. It is my passion to apply my pedagogic and didactic expertise to children and see them transforming from babies to small individual people. I worked for Willow Children’s Nursery before where we followed the EYFS and Reggio Emilia Approach.



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