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Safari Kid Sector 47 Preschool & Day Care

We’re proud to have a Safari Kid international preschool in Sector 47 in Gurugram, close to Malibu Town and the Good Earth shopping centre.

Once they step through the doors, the children will never want to leave our bright, playful learning environment – a space that’s truly unlike anything you’ve seen before.

In fact, we have a tremendous 17,400 sq ft of educational nursery space to deliver our unique program, which covers everything from dance, storytelling, and mathematics to public speaking.

Kids between four months and seven years are welcome and, once here, their learning continues from our inside areas to the outdoors. With such freedom, we’re able to offer swimming classes, painting, a generous sandpit and plenty of beautiful, inspiring learning spaces!

For us, there’s magic in every moment – whether it’s your child’s first or last day with Safari Kid international kindergarten, they’ll be confident in the skills picked up here, and the promising future that lies ahead of them…

Chat with our early childhood educators or pop over for a visit – we’d love to show you our nursery!

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Centre size

17,400 sq ft

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Age range

15 months to 6 years

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Languages taught

English, Spanish, Hindi

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Max class size


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Max no of students


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Outdoor space

Huge garden

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Founded in


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After school activities


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What our parents say

Our team

Ms Roopika Sareen

Head of School

Hi, I'm Roopika! I am a Banker, Blogger, Parenting expert and Mother of twins. I believe in experiential and purposeful learning in early childhood. I feel there's nothing like a dream to create future and that's what I love about my role at Safari Kid International Preschool. While I enjoyed 11 years as a Banking professional, I am thrilled to be part of this team to bring about a change in education industry by imparting learning that's required for raising children of the 21st century.

Ms Aanchal Chauhan

Admin Executive

Hi, I'm Aanchal. Dynamic, result-oriented & a go-getter - this is me in simple words. With over 5 years of experience across industries and having proven my skills as a team player as well as team leader, I found my true calling in Safari Kid International Preschool as I am a strong believer of the fact- "To be in a child's memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today".

Ms Sudeepa Bose

Lead Teacher Level 1

Hi there, my name’s Sudeepa. I feel fortunate to be in a profession where I can inspire and observe children at such fun (and important, let’s not forget...) stage in their lives. Working with children has always been a great joy to me. To create a caring, loving and secure environment in which children can flourish is, in my view, the best we can give back to this world.

Ms Kushbu Jain

Lead Teacher Turbo Toddlers

Greetings! I feel that young ones are like blank paper and therefore utmost care should be taken during the foundation years. Children have always been a source of inspiration and energy for me. Nursery Training was a big win for me, and I’m currently pursuing my BEd. Over the years I’ve worked for Gurgaon's most reputed schools, dipping me in the highest standards of education entirely; the freedom here is unparalleled.

Ms Neha Garg


Hello everyone, My name is Neha. My journey with children isn't new and I have been associated with this profession for long. I try to lay down a solid foundation during early growing years of children by providing them with experiential learning. I am a certified Bachelor in Education, which helps me to understand the requirements of kids at this tender age.

Ms Dedeepya Vadali

Assistant Teacher Turbo Toddlers

Hello everyone, I am Dedeepya, a graduate in engineering sciences with a unique blend of experience both in the industry as well as academia. Mother is the first teacher of a child and that's how I embraced teaching. Child psychology, cognitive development etc., enthused me and teaching became a new-found passion. I strongly advocate experiential learning in a creative and enjoyable environment. Child engagement is the highest in activities like games, music, art & craft etc. and learning is so much fun!



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