Safari Kid Repulse Bay Nursery & Child Care

Safari Kid’s international nursery in Repulse Bay is the only dedicated international unaccompanied day care centre in Hong Kong for children between 10 months to 3 years of age (besides our child care centre in Happy Valley)! In addition, we offer playgroups from 6 to 24 months.

The kindergarten is conveniently located at the iconic The Repulse Bay Arcade in Repulse Bay, a charming colonial building constructed on the site of the former The Repulse Bay Hotel on the south side of Hong Kong. The mall offers an appealing range of shops, restaurants, and professional service providers.

The four associated residential towers are one of the most recognised apartment buildings in the world, courtesy of a much-photographed “feng shui” hole.

The Repulse Bay is easily accessible by car or taxi and has parking space. It is also serviced by many busses and close to the new MTR South Island line.

We give full attention to every child in a cosy, warm and loving environment. Our way of thinking is grounded in ‘the smaller, the better’, yet our educational programs reach for a huge progression in your child’s development. At Safari Kid International, we use stories, games, tools and sensory-rich environments so that the children experience the most amazing way of encountering the world for the first time.

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Centre size

1,700 sq ft

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Age range

6 months to 3 years

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Languages taught

English, Mandarin

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Max class size

Playgroup: 6, Child Care: 12

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Opening hours

8:30 am to 5:30 pm

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What our parents say

Our team

Ms Catherine Chow


Hi everyone! My name is Catherine, I am thrilled to be a part of Safari Kid here in Hong Kong. I have been working in the Early Childhood Education field for 22 years. Throughout this time, I have realized that every child is truly unique. This perfectly matches our mission to educate children on how to learn & thrive in the world of tomorrow. Our team is dedicated to creating a play-based curriculum & engaging learning environment to build children’s knowledge & latent ability. Working closely with staff, parents, and students is key, so feel free to reach out at any time!

Ms Phonemany Cam

Parent Relationship Manager

It's great to meet you. My name is Phonemany, but everyone calls me Many. I have a Master in Anthropology, which I obtained in France. After living 2 years in Laos, I moved to Germany where I have been a sales and marketing person for 8 years. When we moved to Hong Kong in 2018, my biggest challenge was to find a suitable and caring kindergarten for my then 2 years old daughter, and we are blessed that we found it in Safari Kid. I look forward to greeting you and your little one soon.

Ms Mary Hu

Mandarin Teacher

Hi, I am Ms. Mary, the Mandarin teacher. I am from Qingdao, a very beautiful city in China. I graduated from the Education University of Hong Kong with a Master in Education. I also studied Art for my Bachelor's degree. I have been in Hong Kong for two years. I have been teaching Chinese and English in China for two years and taught Mandarin in Hong Kong from 2018. I am the only child in my family, in my spare time I like swimming, cooking and reading. I look forward to meeting your children and teaching them Mandarin in a fun way.

Ms Emma Birch

Class Teacher

Hi, I am Ms. Emma. I am from England, UK. I have a BA (Hons) in Sociology and I have been teaching English internationally since 2015. I have taught in Russia, and now for 3 years in kindergartens in Hong Kong. I am a creative, fun and bubbly person and I am full of ideas to make learning fun. I truly believe that children should be able to learn and play in a fun, enjoyable, relaxing environment, which is why my classroom is full of lots of exciting activities for the children to do every day.

Ms Dominque

Class Teacher

Hi, I am Ms. Dominique. I am originally from Brisbane, Australia but Hong Kong has been my home since 2003. I have over 15 years of teaching experience as a Kindergarten teacher here in Hong Kong and absolutely love it. I find great joy in nurturing the growth and development of young children by both embracing and encouraging a child’s innate sense of wonder, enthusiasm and creativity. I am currently doing an online course for the Children and Young People’s Workforce (England). In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, reading, hiking and spending time with friends.



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