Safari Kid Bangsar Preschool & Kindergarten

At our Safari Kid international preschools, we take great care to build a gorgeous nursery for your son or daughter – and that’s just what we’ve done in Bangsar, one of Kuala Lumpur’s most welcoming districts.

There are 14,000 sq ft of land to call our own, and 4,200 sq ft of centre space. We’ve treated it with the principles that matter to us: safety, small classes, and oceans of creative energy!

We believe that every child should head to their nursery or preschool with the same excitement in their belly, all through the week. That’s why we’ve set up a sandpit, water wall, and several arts and dance studios, so your little one is engaged from the first to last minute of our tailored courses.

And that’s just the inside! Our Bangsar kindergarten’s bug hotel, garden, and mini pet corner are here for your little one to develop their instincts for the natural world.

Whether your child is 14 months or six years old, or anywhere in between, they’ll adore what we’ve dreamt up…


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Centre size

4,200 sq ft

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Age range

14 months to 6 years

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Languages taught

English, Bahasa, Mandarin

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Max class size


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Max no of students


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Outdoor space

Huge garden

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Founded in


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After school activities


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Nationalities of students




Swimming pool

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What our parents say

Our team

Ms Jigna Doshi

CEO Malaysia & Principal

It’s amazing to meet you, I’ve been in the education sector since 1999, with preschool experience in both India and Kuala Lumpur. Back then I was the Principal for the Little Harvard Preschool in Bangsar. Eventually I switched to older learners, yet the memories of those times still moved me – enough to return under the name of Safari Kid! Globetrotting for years has taught me what the shape of learning can be across cultures and languages. In addition, I’ve picked up a degree in the Arts & English, as well as a diploma in Early Childhood Education.

Ms Gwen Ng

Parent Relationship Manager

Hi there, I'm Gwen. I have spent the last 25 years working in a variety of client servicing and event management roles. This client facing experience, combined with my passion for childcare means I'm excited to support parents along with their journey as their little one heads off to enjoy their first years at a nursery.

Mr Dennis Kesevan

Admin Assistant

Hello! I'm Dennis and work as an Admin Assistant here with Safari Kid. My background in customer service in the airline industry has made me a real people's person! I love children so it's an additional bonus to be able to spend my time with them. When I'm not working, you'll find me watching movies, sports and probably doing a spot of light reading.

Ms Lilian Beulah

Class Teacher

Hey all, I’m Lilian. I have Diploma in Learning Disorder Management, Child Psychology, and Graphic Design. Some of my background rests in learning difficulties, which I draw on as part of my day-to-day job here. There’s nothing I enjoy more than working with children and watching them grow intellectually and socially. Seeing a child smile and knowing that you contributed to it – there’s no greater reward in life… It's a privilege to be a part of Safari Kid.

Ms Alyssa Sebastian

Class Teacher

Great to meet you! I'm Alyssa, a class teacher here at Safari Kid. I have a BA (Hons) in Early Years Education from University of Greenwich. While working in primary schools, my passion for working with little ones truly began. I loved observing that children learn best through play and exploration, and seeing all the ways they develop through that. They really do pick up all sorts of skills and methods of learning through play!

Ms Victoria Khong

Class Teacher

Nice to meet you! My name is Victoria, and I hold a diploma in Early Childhood Education from Methodist College, Kuala Lumpur. Every moment I’m with the children at Safari Kid is a joy. Those first five years of learning are very crucial; without them, anyone is more than a couple of steps behind the crowd! That’s why I promise to give your daughter or son the most stimulating care they’ve ever known.

Ms Niki Lim

Class Teacher

Hello everyone, Niki’s my name; I’ve gained a BA (Hons) in Early Years Education from SEGi University College. Arts and crafts, in my eyes, are essential tools to get those motor skills working well in time for big school. I like it so much that, often, they have to ask me to go home when the bell rings for the end of the day, since time has escaped me!

Ms Iman Anugerah

Class Teacher

Hi! Great to make your acquaintance. Looking back, my passion for teaching blossomed during my time in an Art and Craft enrichment centre. The interest grew and grew, passing a 2-month internship with Safari Kid KL, where the children, environment, and teaching methodologies gave me much to think about. I have a diploma in Early Childhood Education from HELP University.

Ms Yun Ni Chen


Hello there, I’ve been working for Safari Kid since achieving an Early Childhood Education degree from Methodist College in Kuala Lumpur. It’s incredible, really, what children can learn by playing and chatting with us, under zero pressure to be something they aren’t. Personally, I’m always learning from the kids, as much as they take things from my classes…

Ms Isabella Dale


Hey, I have a double degree in Psychology. Journalism appealed to me too, but children were the thing – out of the blue – that gave me the most joy. My teachings under Safari Kid so far have been around motor and learning development and family counselling. Aside from my current role, I’ve joined several kids’ camps in the USA, developing and caring for children under the age of 10.

Ms Nadia Nadhira


Hi, My name is Nadia. A while ago, I realised that early years education in Malaysia wasn’t given the importance it should have, which led me to set out and change this for the better! So I pursued a BA (Hons) Childhood Studies from Leeds Beckett University in the United Kingdom. My greatest discovery since then? That joy has a new meaning when you’re surrounded by tumbling little feet all day. I’m a bungee jumper and a white water rafter on weekends, but I can say for sure that kids are the fiercest adventure we can take, as teachers.

Ms Marisha Rajoo


Hi everyone, I'm Marisha! I have a Bachelor of Education (Hons) Dual Degree from SEGi University where I majored in Early Childhood Education and minored in Special Needs Education. I also have a Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (CELTA) from the British Council. My passion lies in working working with children and contributing towards their holistic development.

Ms Devisri Subramaniam

S.T.E.P. Teacher

Hello everyone, All age groups, backgrounds and personalities hold an interest for me. Without these traits, I couldn’t help children who need that extra bit of help during their lesson time. I’ve gained a Bachelor of Honours in Psychology from UTAR, but it’s the deep, rewarding bond to S.T.E.P. kids that really keeps me motivated. Throughout my career, I’ve trained in ABA, TEACCH, PECS, and tailored lesson plans.

Ms Shenita

S.T.E.P. Co-Teacher

Hi there, My name is Shenita! In addition to my Bachelors Degree in (BSc) Psychology from Sunway University, I'm also planning to pursue a certificate in Behavioural Analysis before I continue my postgraduate studies in child developmental studies. I've also been trained in ABA techniques and has experience working with children of different ages who are on the spectrum. I'm excited to impart all my knowledge in my work of nurturing every Safari Kid child!



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