Preschools & nurseries in London

London is home to a wonderful mix of accents, histories, and lifestyles.

Your child will have much to discover about the diversity of this place, as well as themselves, at our Safari Kid international day nurseries – where we celebrate the different cultures that make this city so special.

We currently have four preschools in the British capital, towards the north, west, and east of the city from the River Thames. One more day nursery will open in Camden in Summer 2019. Safari Kid is proud to open its sixth Center at Wandsworth. Our modern learning programs will mean your child starts at the head of the class when they eventually move to school.

We do this by creating a warm space for them to enjoy, within outdoor areas, art studios, play spaces, and circle time storytelling. There’s so much to unearth. Step through the door, and let us show you…

Visit our Safari Kid London centres:
Clerkenwell Preschool & Nursery
Chiswick Preschool & Nursery
Camden Preschool & Nursery

Golders Green Preschool & Nursery
Windsor Preschool & Nursery
Wandsworth Preschool & Nursery

Upcoming Events:

Fun Day (Sat, 3 Aug) – Safari Kid Wandsworth


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