Safari Kid Bandra Preschool & Child Care

One of our four Mumbai nurseries is a wonderful 3,500 sq ft space in the heart of Bandra, off Carter Road and in close proximity to Khar & Santa Cruz.

It’s a palace of imagination – complete with a large play area, themed spaces, and indoor stage for drama, music, and dance.

Between the reading nooks and creative corners, our international preschool is also furnished with science and tech bays – so kids can learn whilst play with a diverse range of advanced equipment. Each preschool classroom is bright, warm and spacious, keeping your child engaged in a program that’s designed just for them.

Our programs teach children between the ages of 8 months and 5 years, including preschool extended days and full days.

Give us a call and we can chat about our Bandra kindergarten in more detail, or arrange a tour so you can see what the place is like!

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Safari Kid India CEO is awarded at India’s Greatest Brands & Leaders Summit 2017-18

Safari Kid International recognized for its “Innovation in Curriculum in Early Childhood Development” for the 3rd consecutive year



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Centre size

3,500 sq ft

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Age range

8 months to 5 years

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Languages taught

English, Spanish, Hindi, Mandarin

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Max class size


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Max no of students


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Founded in


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After school activities


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What our parents say

Our team

Ms Khushboo Khan

Parent Relationship Manager

Hi everyone, I’m Khushboo Khan - mother-of-one, Psychology and Sociology graduate, and Retail Management diploma holder with a certification in customer care. After discovering the joys of education, I knew I had found my place, and soon started an Early Child Care course with the Podar Institute. This year I began working at Safari Kid as the Parent Relationship Manager.

Ms Hena Khan

Level 1 Teacher

Hello, I am Hena Khan, am honoured to be a part of the Level 1 Class at Safari Kid preschool. It’s been almost three years now, but I have undergone multiple training sessions that have definitely enhanced my skill set, even after completing an Early Childhood Care course from the Podar Institute.

Ms Mansi Thacker

Level 2 Teacher

Hey there, I’m Mansi, and I’m a teacher solely because of my love for children. Brought up in a family of 25 people, I’ve been taking care of kids since I was one myself. At age five, surrounded by colourful chalk and blackboards, all I wanted was to become a teacher. After finishing my B.Com and ECCED, I started Mandir School in Mumbai, and now lead Level 2 at the Bandra centre.

Ms Pooja Bhagtani

Language Teacher

Hi all! I’m Pooja. I’m a professional Spanish tutor for children aged 18 months and above, as well as adults. I now have more than 10 years’ experience in tutoring and conducting ECA semesters at IB schools. Teaching young minds the foundation of Spanish is always a great journey for everyone involved.

Ms Aashna Mehta

Turbo Toddlers Teacher

Hi, thanks for reading, I’m Aashna Mehta, born and raised in New Delhi but recently moved to Mumbai, which is long overdue... I’ve been an English Teacher in Hong Kong for a year handling kids from three to four-and-a-half years-old. And ever since, I’ve been passionate about the opportunities it gives me, as I love the company of little people.

Ms Lisa Garia

Level 2 Teacher

Hi there, my name is Lisa, After jumping into a creative advertising role, I spent the next chapter of my career in education. This was centered on teaching the English language (interactive and communication skills) to children of varied ages who weren’t native speakers, by any stretch of the imagination! During these years I learnt what it means to be attentive and personable in the way we speak, listen and play with young minds.

Ms Poonam Jala

Day Care Assistant

Lovely to meet you, I’m Poonam Jala, fond of children and always eager to channel my time and energy into constructive pursuits with them. I have been with Safari Kid for the last year handling daycare and assisting in the Turbo Toddler class. My previous work experience has been for half a decade at Dimples daycare, which bestowed my ECCED during that time.

Ms Ekta Patel

Admin Assistant

Hey, readers, Knowledge is power and the earlier a child can recognise that, the better! Every child is unique and needs a secure, stimulating learning environment that fosters cognitive, social, physical, and emotional development. It’s what we do here, in a nutshell.

Ms Kauser


Hey there, To be honest, I grew up an introvert - always the quiet one around family and friends. Good listening was in my nature. When I got pregnant, I never thought of how much my life could change, but that’s a learning curve many women go through I suppose! The birth of my daughter brought out the playful and fun side to my personality. That ‘opening up’ has continued, as I’m around toddlers every day.

Ms Komal


We hope to see you soon! Teaching is my defining passion! After my post-grad course, I ventured into advertising and public relations only to find my heart drift towards children. Then it was a case of pursuing my ECCED from the Podar Institute, which helped me truly find a place in the world. It is fulfilling to know that I’m shaping a better tomorrow.



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