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Safari Kid Borivali Preschool & Nursery

For a city teeming with things to see and do, Mumbai needs the same energy for its early learning scene, which is exactly what our Safari Kid international preschool in Borivali has to offer. Our nursery, opposite Bhattad Towers, gives your child the educational freedom to shape their learning to their preferences.

We have a structure, of course, but you help decide what that is! The Safari Kid Borivali kindergarten is packed with great, imaginative learning aids, such as a drama, dance, music and art environment, as well as space for up to 100 students.

We keep our classes small, though – including day care for children under five years old. Three language courses are available (Hindi, English, and Spanish), for a fluent speech by the time they leave our unique, internationally minded programs.

Dive into Safari Kid’s East-meets-West philosophy; we’ll welcome you to the loving family we’ve built over the years, pushing the limits of what’s possible in young learners.

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Centre size

3,000 sq ft

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Age range

7 months to 5 years

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Languages taught

English, Spanish, Hindi

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Max class size

Early Explorers = 10, Turbo Toddlers = 16, L1-L3 = 20

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Max no of students


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Founded in


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What our parents say

Our team

Ms Giselle Pereira

Head Of School

Hey everyone, Giselle comes with 14 years of work experience in various professional fields. She has an affinity with kids and this has been the only role that has given her a sense of contentment and accomplishment.

Ms Hiral Desai

Level 1 Teacher

Greetings! I’m the Accelerated Learning Level One teacher here at Safari Kid Borivali. It was right here in Mumbai where I completed my Early Childhood Care & Education and Pre-Primary Teacher’s training. My primary teacher was actually my inspiration to follow in their footsteps someday… I can very clearly remember the love, care and knowledge she imparted to me. I hope I’ve done her proud!

Ms Vanessa Fernandes

Early Explorers & Turbo Toddlers Teacher

Welcome to Borivali – I’m Vanessa. Born into a family of educators, it wasn’t long until I held my very own ECCED diploma, which I gained through Lords Teachers Training College. Teaching is an exhilarating experience for me. I want my students to learn more than what’s part of the average curriculum, which is why I love Safari Kid – I feel like I’ve truly found my place here.

Ms Amisha Shah

L1 Teacher

Hello, I started my teaching career in 2012. The pre-Primary sector gave me five years of teaching experience in three different schools, which led me further to do my ECCED course. Teaching young kids is a marvellous occupation. In my free time I like watching Hindi movies, going to new restaurants for dinner and travelling to destinations that are way better than anything Google Maps can tell us!

Ms Priya Shah

L2 Teacher

Hi there, I’m Priya, I’m an educator who trains children in phonics, creative writing in English and English grammar. I am very passionate about the English language, which is stimulated to a great degree by my love of reading. Seeing words leap off the page helps us enrich vocabulary and it is very essential that children are strong, fluid speakers as they’re grow up.

Ms Foram Doshi

Turbo Toddlers Assistant Teacher

Hi, Teaching children was always my hobby of mine – I’d go to NGOs in my spare time! However, my daughter inspired me to make my hobby a career and from there I did my EECEd and phonics course, starting my beautiful journey to the classroom. Teaching is not just imparting knowledge, but a way to inspire change. A good education can change anyone; a good teacher can change everything…

Ms Rashi Nemani

Day Care & Admin

Great to meet you, I am Rashi Nemani. I have been associated with pre-Primary for at least two years solely because I love spending time with kids and being a part of their development in any way. That’s motivated the completion of my engineering in computers course, as well as my diploma in EECEd from the National Academy, Mumbai. Aside from this, I also like traveling and craft work.



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