Juhu Preschool & Nursery

Near the golden sands of Juhu in Mumbai, you’ll discover Safari Kid’s international nursery, which is a treasure in its own right for families in the region.

We’re on Gulmohar Road, at the heart of Juhu, in a magical space with outdoor and indoor play areas, and a dedicated swimming pool.

Our preschool includes a 1,000 sq ft play area with configurable play equipment, slides, and themed areas for gross motor skill development and play.

We even have a dedicated stage and dance area for drama, music, and dance! The kindergarten learning environment encompasses reading corners, specific areas for role play, sensory development, and skills development, creative spaces and science, and tech corners.

3,000 sq ft is ready for a wonderful induction, so bring your son or daughter into a family, not a preschool chore!

Contact our Safari Kid Juhu team for more details on booking a visit.

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Centre size

3,000 sq ft

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Age range

8 months to 3.5 years

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Languages taught

English, Spanish, Hindi

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Max class size


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Outdoor space

Huge garden

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Founded in


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What our parents say

Our team

Ms Priyanka Desai

Parent Relationship Manager

It’s great to meet you! My name is Priyanka. I started my career in aviation as an inflight cabin crew member before becoming a marketing manager for a jewellery manufacturer. My passion has always lay in education, however, and I look forward to greeting you and your little one through our doors sometime soon.

Ms Krisha Bhatija

Early Explorers Teacher

Hi there, As an Early Explorers teacher here at Safari Kid’s Juhu centre, I teach children between the ages of 6 and 18 months. It gives me a wonderful sense of achievement after each day; I firmly believe children are our future. A B.Com graduate and an ECCED diploma-holder, I’ve been teaching kids for over eight years and couldn’t imagine doing anything else – it’s a way of life!

Ms Miloni

Turbo Toddlers Teacher

Hi! Miloni here. In my six years of teaching, I’ve interacted with many children – but that sense of sheer contentment I experience every day never gets old! When I’m not teaching and caring for children, I also love to draw, take photos and travel. I look forward to hopefully meeting your son or daughter and making new memories at our school here in Juhu.

Ms Beena Desai

Level 1 Teacher

Hello, I’m Beena. I’m committed to ensuring that each child gets as much individual attention as possible and maximising their progress wherever possible. I’ve completed my ECCED training and I hold a master’s degree in commerce. My 13 years of teaching has only added to my motivation to get as involved as I can in the process of raising the next generation.

Ms Kesha Shah

Turbo Toddlers Teacher

Hey! I chose to be a preschool teacher after seven years in VITA as its Head Teacher. The biggest honour for me would be if people remember me when they grow up. I love traveling, exploring new places and watching movies too!

Ms Bindu Lulla

Turbo Toddlers Teacher

Hello, When I chose my path to becoming an early childhood teacher, I dedicated my professional life to helping our most precious resources grow into responsible, competent learners. Each day, I find a million more reasons why being a preschool teacher is rewarding. I love every second of it!

Ms Anicca

Level 1&2 Teacher

I’m Anicca, pleased to meet you. Teaching for me has always been about combining my passion for creativity and children. If I can instil a love for learning in the kids I teach, I’ve done a good job! I completed my ECCED training from SIES and have a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Sophia College in Mumbai.

Ms Darshana Dalal

Level 1 Co-Teacher

Hey everybody, I just love to be around children - that’s what drove me to be a preschool teacher. I’ve done my ECC course, whilst creative interaction is always crucial to my time in the classroom.

Ms Monica

Level 1 Co-Teacher

Hi there, and welcome to Juhu. Call me Monica: I’ve achieved a BA with FD and ECCED. Many years’ experience has connected me to early learning; few things are better if you ask me! I can easily connect with to any child, whatever their age, gearing them up for a primary school.

Ms Darshita Patwa

Turbo Toddlers Teacher

Darshita here, A good teacher should be a good entertainer first - she must hold her audience’s attention, and only then can the lesson sink in. That, to me, is when the influence of a great teacher can never be erased. Mithibai College granted me a BA degree before I moved onto my ECCE course and snapped up eight years of teaching time.


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