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Safari Kid Kharadi Preschool & Day Care

Just beside the EON IT Park sits Safari Kid Kharadi international nursery in Pune, a shining example of what we’re doing for young learners and child care in India. We are located in close proximity to Viman Nagar, Hadapsar & Wagholi.

It’s our flagship Pune preschool centre, stretching over 8,000 sq ft and delivering the best care for your child – something that never puts them in a box, and instead places them on a pedestal for whatever comes next…

Safari Kid is about more than ‘results’; in our mind, that word messes with the special qualities of our earliest years, when we should discover who we are! To give your child that freedom, we’ve designed outdoor areas, a swimming pool, sandpit, art studio and some of the most amazing play tools they’ll ever see.

Meanwhile, our teachers get children to work on maths, colors, narrative lessons and much else, so they develop confidence in themselves and the world at large.

Our teacher/student ratio doesn’t pass the 1:8 mark. Small, relatable classes are the best – but there’s a bunch of other features we’d love to run through as well.

Speak to us, or delve into the Safari Kid kindergarten, to see how we’re a welcome change from the old set ways of preschooling.

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Upcoming Events:
Safari Kid Kharadi Summer Camp 2019 (22 April to 17 May)


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Centre size

8,000 sq ft

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Age range

7 months to 6 years

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Languages taught

English, Spanish, Hindi

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Max class size


School bus


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Outdoor space

Huge garden

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Founded in


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After school activities


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What our parents say

Our team

Ms Nicole Nandwani

Regional Director

Hi parents, My experience as an education professional has taught me that there is nothing more important than creating a school culture that encourages growth and warmth with continuous improvement for teachers and students. Open communication between our parents, our staff and our students is the cornerstone of Safari International.

Ms Shalome Bhadha

Head of School

It’s a pleasure to speak to you. An early childhood experience should be full of exploration, adventure, new surroundings and constructive challenges. As facilitators, we have this huge responsibility of educating children during their first, rawest years of life, and what an exciting time that can be! Our goal here is to further the reach of early childhood education. There are some rules, though - since I love processes, organisation and good coffee, Safari Kid is the place to be!

Ms Shivangi Singh

Day Care Supervisor

I have a passion for facilitating the development of small children. Its their curious minds and borderless expression that keep me engaged and with a little princess of my own, it’s a 24/7 learning curve. Having worked in the UK and now in India, children are universally expressive, and that matches with my creative background! Safari Kid has been great since I have joined, and I look forward to growing with and within this multi-cultural organization.

Ms Jagruti Hattarki

Turbo Toddlers Core Teacher

Hey parents and readers, I am Ms Hattarki, and I teach at the Kharadi centre in Pune. I spent two years teaching at Innovation’s Preschool and later worked at Strong Roots Preschool. Being with children, playing with them, exploring their little moves and ways of interaction makes me truly happy, and that is what has brought me to Safari Kid. Besides teaching, I enjoy listening to music and doodling.

Ms Debjani Chatterjee

Turbo Toddlers Core Teacher

Hi, I’m Debjani, On the whole, I’m an accomplished teacher with over eight years of experience in teaching pre-primary children. That also means I am a quick learner with strong interpersonal skills. My affinity and compassion for children drive what I do, but on the sidelines, I’m also a certified Kathak dancer!

Ms Nilam Panchal

Turbo Toddlers Assistant Teacher

Hello to you. For the last six years, Pune has my been my home; four years of that has been dedicated to teaching. My inspiration is my sweet 9-year-old son and my strength is my positivity. Singing and reading lend big bouts of pleasure, almost as much as my job! The children I teach keep me going through it all.

Ms Priyanka Ahluwalia

L1 Core Teacher

Hello! I am a marketing graduate and was a banker in my life before Safari Kid. Only then, during a sabbatical, did I realise that teaching early years was my calling... I’ve been associated with Safari Kid since January 2016, and have about six years’ teaching experience. The thing I love most about kids is their reciprocal love when you help them out or show them what’s new about the world.

Ms Sayyeda Kuswa

L1 Core Teacher

Hi parents, it’s Sayyeda here! A passion for teaching led me to pursue a B.Ed and an Early Years teaching course. Four years of teaching has taught me that I can have the ultimate, lasting impression on a child's life, as the first five years of their existence shapes them more than any other period. Such energy and curiosity are infectious; meeting all these needs makes me immensely happy!

Ms Janhvi Madhavani

L1 Assistant Teacher

Hello everyone, Being a teacher to young ones is the most satisfying thing one can do for a job, so my choice was a no-brainer. Nurturing and guiding the young ones - who have such transparent hearts and minds - is a pleasure I can barely describe. I’ve only recently joined Safari Kid, but feel like I've been here for a long time!

Ms Seema Pittie

L2 Core Teacher

Hey, my name is Seema, Believe it or not, this is my first year at Safari Kid. I am enthusiastic and hopeful about what I’m going to do, and everything ahead of us seems so rosy...

Ms June Nair

L2 Core Teacher

Let me introduce myself, I’m June, holder of a degree in Dietetics and IT & a postgraduate diploma in marketing. After working in the corporate world (mainly with tech & food-based brands) I decided to change my career. Driven by my passion for young people, I took on education and never looked back. In the past I’ve taught English, IT skills and even dancing! I have completed the pre-primary & teacher training, certifications & the like - currently, I’m teaching Level 2 at Safari Kid Kharadi. In my spare time, I love reading, cooking and travelling with my family.

Ms Laxmi Patil

L2 Assistant Teacher

Hey, my name’s Laxmi, I have just joined Safari Kid’s L2 curriculum. I am so excited to be a part of this family and look forward to learning all that there is to teaching small children. After living in Europe and other places, I hope my own experiences can add their own value; something I feel these centres embrace more than any other preschool network. Apart from teaching, I love to dance: my friends know me more as a trained Bharatnatyam dancer!

Ms Tasneem Rampurawala

L3 Core Teacher

It’s a privilege to say ‘hi’, I come from a Microbiology background but switched to early childhood education five years ago. My love for teaching children trumped my love for science and landed me, within another two years, at Safari Kid. I look forward to what the ensuing time here will bring.

Ms Abeda Menon

L3 Assistant Teacher

Hi there, In pretty much every aspect, I’m crazy about early childhood education and adore working with pre-schoolers. With over 18 years of management experience in the corporate sector, I add my own value to Safari Kid, which lets me see the fruits of my labour without the shirt-and-tie meetings I was used to!

Ms Sonali Pawar

Day Care

Hey, I’m Sonali. I am a hardworking professional with three years’ hardcore IP (Day Care) experience at Safari Kid. Being self-motivated and a stickler for quality are the demands of my role; needless to say, I love every minute of it.

Ms Naziha Johory

Day Care

Hello! Labels don’t define me. Maybe that’s the product of a mixed-class background, where it doesn’t matter where you come from. And, to me, it’s the best part about Safari Kid: they welcome people from different walks of life, of all stripes, education and experience. For instance, I’ve been a professional chef as well as a teacher - the two were compatible as I completed my pediatric training from the UK.

Ms Maryflora Doriaraj

Day Care

Hi, I’ve been at Safari Kid for over a year now and love looking after the children in child care. They keep me guessing about every morning and afternoon - most of my day is spent trying to keep up with them! As Safari Kid grows, so will I, in so many aspects of my life.

Ms Prasanna Thunga

Day Care

Hey, I’m Prasanna. From the very first day, I joined Safari Kid, this has felt like my home. It’s a genuine sense of family: an assurance, if I needed it, that I’m in the right place! This same feeling transfers from to the children in our care. Compared to other preschool centres, I can’t really describe how refreshing that is...

Ms Sandra Pereira

Admin & School Coordinator

Hey all, thanks for reading! To be honest, after 20 years of corporate management experience, it was grandmotherhood that brought me to Safari Kid. While my role here still demands to organise and re-organise things, it's the small children (as well as the work environment) that make me so happy.



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