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Safari Kid Koregaon Park Preschool & Day Care

The lush, leafy avenues of Koregaon Park in Pune is home to a Safari Kid international preschool beside the Nitesh Hub off the North Main Road, settled in 7,000 sq ft of early childhood heaven. We are located in close proximity to Kalyani Nagar, Boat Club & Camp Area.

Your son or daughter will go ga-ga in our sandpit, large indoor and outdoor play areas (complete with a treehouse!), and the most beautiful nursery spaces anywhere!

From eight months to six years old, there’s much to ignite the imagination – and we’ve got everything covered:  jumping through core maths, speech, social and science programs.

The step to memorable learning begins today.

Call or message our preschool team for more information and to arrange a trip to our kindergarten!

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Safari Kid India CEO is awarded at India’s Greatest Brands & Leaders Summit 2017-18

Safari Kid International recognized for its “Innovation in Curriculum in Early Childhood Development” for the 3rd consecutive year


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Centre size

7,000 sq ft

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Age range

8 months to 6 years

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Languages taught

English, Spanish, Hindi

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Max class size

Early Explorers = 10, Turbo Toddlers = 24, L1 = 15

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Outdoor space

Huge garden

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Founded in


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Nationalities of students


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What our parents say

Team Members

Ms Nicole Nandwani

Regional Director

Hi parents, My experience as an education professional has taught me that there is nothing more important than creating a school culture that encourages growth and warmth with continuous improvement for teachers and students. Open communication between our parents, our staff and our students is the cornerstone of Safari International.

Imaleen Deka

Head of School

Hey everybody, I believe that – ‘One gets to relive their childhood when you are around children. When you see these toys and these books that you read when you were little – that innocence that we had when we were little children.’ Keeping this in mind, I am here to nurture these innocent minds and create an environment that encourages little minds to be unique, different and develop their own individual personality. I am lucky to work with an institution that also believes in the same.

Ms Gauri Oka


Hello there! I’m Ms Gauri Oka, and I love my job here at Safari Kid. I still remember my first teacher and how much she inspired me, and I strive to give Safari Kid children the same kind of learning experience. School is the first and most important interaction a child has with the world, and at Safari Kid, we work with each young, inquisitive mind in a unique way. It’s not teaching or training; it’s an experience.

Ms Dhanshree Bhosale

L1 Assistant Teacher

Parents and teachers, welcome, My outlook on life has been positive from the start. Thank goodness, then, that Safari Kid shares this value, and helps me thrive at my work.

Ms Paranosh Irani

Turbo Todddlers Teacher

Hi there, It’s rightly said that ‘time flies’ when you are with the kids, just being a kid yourself. Children are fun and stress relieving, so it’s no surprise I consider my role very rewarding! Each child had taught me how unique they are, inside-out. A toddler’s curiosity is something that never fails to boggle my mind... As a result, my patience and creativity are sky-high, because there’s an inspiration to live up to. Play is our work, after all, and it’s the best form of learning!

Ms Vanisha Khot

Turbo Toddlers Teacher

Hello everyone, My name’s Vanisha, and over the years, I have developed a great passion for teaching and working with children. It’s the truest sense of accomplishment if you ask me. I’m enthusiastic, dedicated and take life as it comes, aiming to create a fun yet effective teaching/learning experience with the Safari Kid team.

Ms Manisha Taneja

L1 Teacher

Hi, it’s wonderful to meet you. Academically, I’ve earned a Bachelors degree specializing in Psychology, and a Masters degree in Economics and Econometrics. Don’t let that fool you, though - I have five years’ experience in preschool teaching. Every child is a different kind of flower to me; eventually, they’ll bloom and be a citizen of the world, taking cues from their start here.



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