Preschool should be full of playful antics - just as much, really, as the more ‘serious’ stuff, your child will need to learn.

But we don’t distinguish between maths, English and the imaginative skills that a kid may pick up along the way here at our Safari Kid preschool. There are lessons to be learned in everything, whether that’s an afternoon on the football field, a finger-painting class, or yoga sessions to help the mind flex as well as the body!

Each after school program in our kindergarten is unique; you can add one or several activities onto the curriculums we teach. Languages, such as Mandarin fall into that bracket too, as just a snippet of our language opportunities.

In the afternoon, there’s a host of things for any kid to explore, even if they’re past early learning age.

Centre Age group Sessions
Pok Fu Lam 2 years - 6 years 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm