The language of Dubai and many other countries is high on the hit-list for preschool education.

Safari Kid international preschool in Dubai built an intro to the Arabic language that your little one will love, as soon as they get stuck into our Level 2 program.

Introducing it at this stage allows us to take things at a decent pace as we move from sentences to stories, and through other forms of creative expression.

Half-day learners get 20-30 minutes per visit, whereas an extended day brings 70 full minutes of Arabic tutelage – from reading and writing to solving problems as a group.

We don’t leave English on the sidelines either; both languages are taught at the same time, so children can put their words in context.

Any pupils over 18 months old can join this nursery class!

Centre Age group
Sheikh Zayed Road
Jumeirah Beach Residence
18 months - 5 years