There are few more treasured languages than Mandarin - it’s increasingly used in today’s world, and (theoretically) tough to pick up!

But we slide it easily into your child’s early learning habits. Safari Kid Pok Fu Lam delivers a customized K1 to K3 course in Mandarin, so they are close to fluency by the time they reach primary school.

The preschool students will write traditional Chinese, which leads them to inscribe 50 characters at the end of our program. We’ll work on their speaking too; our Mandarin teachers help kids ask questions, share ideas and express themselves as they try out speaking in a group.

Lunch, stories and free play are Mandarin-only to really immerse your child in the language and support knowledge retention. Meanwhile, pinyin acts as a phonetic aid, so kids can see where their English vocabulary crosses over.

Contact us to arrange a visit to our Pok Fu Lam international nursery in Hong Kong.

Centre Age group Sessions
Pok Fu Lam 3 years - 6 years 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm