Across Safari Kid, we’ve built a first-class intro to Spanish.

It’s the third most common language in the world; perfect, then, for a child at the start of their journey to becoming a global citizen!

There’s mucho sentido in having a spirited start to your little one’s education. After all, it may carve out wider routes in life and work in the future.  

The Spanish immersion program at our nursery doesn’t get swallowed in a textbook or chalkboard. No – we think that speaking the language, through play and conceptual questioning, encourages kids to care about their words. That includes games, Q&As, singing, dancing and group projects, all in a day’s work…

Our international kindergartens welcome any pupil from 15 months to six years.

Centre Age group
Koregaon Park
Kalyan Nagar
Sector 47
Phase IV
15 months - 6 years